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What Does The Future of Apple Look Like?

News / Elizabeth Darrell


What Does The Future of Apple Look Like?

  • Apple was very versatile under Steve Jobs
  • We look at what they are doing now, for the future
  • And examine there products and forecast
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Apple is a company that has proven it can move in a multitude of different directions and still remain very successful. This is because they are a very innovative and versatile company that can grow out in a number of different areas. There is no fact bigger than the reality of what they have achieved for themselves and still do continue to achieve for themselves now. Not only is Apple a proven leader in four different markets, but you never know what, they will eventually branch out into next tomorrow. 
The iPhone is one of the companies biggest selling products
This is what is exciting and promising about Apple being a very multi-faceted and highly successful company for tomorrow. You never know what they will do next and when they do do it. They do it "up" in a very big way that has lots of major impact and success that goes along with it for a very long time. For instance, they are now a global leader when it comes to four specific markets, and these four markets are as follows. One of them is the mobile handsets market. While the other two are the mobile applications market and the music downloads that are paid for online market. However, the biggest, and most enduring market Apple is known for is no other than its +$1,000 computer market that is thriving and always on the go.
What does the forecast of Apple look like for the future? Apple's market domination is something that is obvious to everyone and something that will be around for a very long time. This is because Apple is a company that is always on the move on all technology fronts and is forever changing itself with the times and with what people do require from a multi-platform marketing aspect. Apple is "the" company when it comes to buying top of the line products - the iphone, the ipad, the ipod, and nano. People know and recognize these brands immediately as being high grade and made from the finest high quality materials. They are always poised and ready to be ready where new technological advances do make themselves known for the next decade. Apple is there to be on top of the world of technology every time and this is what will always give them the cutting edge and advantage over their competition.
Unlimited business opportunity and room for growth?
Unlimited business opportunity and room for growth?
Apple is always establishing a first for itself and this is why they are a company with great vision. They are a visionary in that they do set records for being the first to do something and this is what will always manage to keep them in business for the coming future. Apps are the very thing that do bring all the markets together as one. So, with this said, one of the very first things Apple did do was to open up the very first App Store ever. They were the very first to the market with this idea and that idea is what did lead them to make an astounding 4.2 billion dollars in total revenue overall. Part of this total revenue was 30% of sales for 2.5 billion mobile appls that were sold in 2009. Thirty percent of this total revenue for 2009 was just for App sales alone and is only a fraction of the 4.2 billion dollars that they made for sales in all technology markets.
Apple is still making new leaps and bounds for itself currently. They are a company that is forever changing and growing to accommodate its customers worldwide. Therefore, they can only get bigger, and expand outwards from here. The future of Apple is a very glowing and growing/developing one constantly on all fronts. They corner the markets on technology and in a number of different areas that people do depend on greatly.
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